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After racking up almost $65,000 in student loan debt from college, I knew I had to pay it off in order to make tremendous progress in my financial life and besides, it kept weighing down on me. I have made some “not so smart” money decisions such as borrowing from my student loan to buy frivolous items, getting ripped off by an internet scam, and investing in an index universal life product. I developed a nag to learn about personal finance after the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009. I am a certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and my goal is to help people get unstuck with their money matters and design a future that is suitable for them.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” Contact me for your free consultation today!
Who Needs a Financial Coach?

Your Money

Tired of making good money but have nothing to show for it? Frustrated with your savings and mounting debt? Just feeling stressed and can’t afford to go on vacation? It’s all about having the right financial plan — that’s the secret sauce! A financial coach is there to motivate and support you in all areas of your finances including but not limited to; getting out of debt, building wealth, home buying process, college planning/529 plans and so much more! Make the switch and take control of your financial future.
What is Kekah Financial Coaching?

Dreams Delivered

We leverage proven frameworks and strategies that help you get unstuck with money matters; pay off debt, save money, and build a future of financial independence. Think of a financial coach like a personal trainer, whose job is to help you be accountable, teach and encourage you to gain financial peace.
Trust to
Finance Targeting
Planning & Management
Strategy & Independence

Expert Guidance

Our plans go beyond coaching. We provide the right tools to transform your life and finances by implementing a customized personal growth plan that will help you ditch debt for life and increase your savings.

Ready To Commit

Fast track your debt payoff and easily reduce your financial stress and anxiety. Kekah Financial Coaching is more than an option, it's an opportunity to peace of mind and financial freedom.
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