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by Dave Ramsey

Design a surefire plan for paying off all debt. Recognize the 10 most dangerous money myths. Secure a big, fat nest egg for emergencies and retirement!

by C. Mamula, B. Barrett & J. Mendonsa

Distilling the best of the popular ChooseFI podcast, this book pulls from the collective knowledge of those who have decided to build a lifestyle around their passions instead of allowing their finances to dictate their future

by Thomas J Stanley & William D Danko

This book is a compilation of research done by the two authors in the profiles of ‘millionaires’

The Dave Ramsey Show Podcast
by Dave Ramsey

Common sense and God’s way of handling your money. Available on all major podcast networks.

Choose FI Podcast

A lifestyle on becoming Financially Independent. Available on all major podcast networks.

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